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Marc Jacobs Honey Eau de Parfum

Marc Jacobs Honey EdPSometimes that which is buzzed about turns out to be worth the attention, but not always. Marc Jacobs Honey is a fresh floral-fruity fragrance suitable for summer months. Recently it has been advertised everywhere, but its smell is nothing special. It smells like any yearly floral-fruity spring/summer offering with a noticeable dose of honey, which permeates the composition in a somewhat obtrusive way. Mandarin orange and pear open the fragrance on citrus and fruity notes, with the former extended and florafied in the midnotes by orange blossom. Honeysuckle builds on the white floral vibe. Peach adds to the honey facet to make the sweetness fresh.

Despite the theoretically delicious pairing of white flowers and honey, Honey smells a touch synthetic. The fragrance has a decent longevity of 4-5 hours and a sillage similar to any eau de toilette (radiating about an arm’s length and leaving a light trail), but its projection and (unnatural,) bright, bubbly character quickly fade.

Unfortunately, there is not enough to set this fragrance apart from the competition.

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