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Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette

Gucci Guilty Eau de ToiletteI was not impressed by Gucci’s Guilty advertisements. They made the fragrance seem like it was catering to adolescent interests. It falls into all the regular olfactory categories ubiquitous today: floral, fruity, sweet… It wouldn’t be worth a mention, but its subtle, yet tenacious and well-developed scent lend it a winning edge.

Guilty starts out as a sweet floral, but loosens its sugariness considerably. The pink pepper top note lends a rosy tone to the composition. Peach gives it a skin-like feel. Lilac lends it a clean, floral, very feminine appeal and a soapy quality. Patchouli in the base notes lends it a slightly sweet, dark egde, but, suffocated by florals, it’s magic is lost. Despite how well blended this fragrance is, the high-pitched florals humming over the lost patchouli conjures grandmotherly associations, but that is only my perception. Overall, Guilty is a smooth perfume that lasts about 5 hours – amazing for such a subtle scent. It radiates within about 15 centimetres.

I applaud the quality of Guilty, but personal tastes crave a more brooding, deeper, or layered scent. If you are looking for a modern fruity floral with a twist, however, do try it.

– 0.25oz (7.4ml) spray for C$31.00
– 1oz (30ml) spray for C$68.00
– 1.6oz (47ml) spray for C$93.00
– 2.5oz (74ml) spray for C$118.00

– 30ml spray for £32.00
– 50ml spray for £42.40
– 75ml spray for £54.40