Beautyblender Pro Beautyblender

Beautyblender Pro Beauty BlenderIn my opinion, cosmetics should be invisible unless specifically going for something unnatural, like shadow to accentuate the eyes or lipstick to bring attention to the pout. Foundation evens out skin tone and diminishes blemishes, creating a canvas for any look. Applying it so that it looks natural can be a challenge.

The Beautyblender is a sponge that was designed to allow for a flawless foundation application invisible to the naked eye and HD cameras. It works and it’s easy! By soaking the sponge in or under a stream of water while constantly squeezing, the sponge doubles in its size. It is then dipped in foundation (I tested liquid, but the product information states that it can be used with any kind) and applied to the face by bouncing it on the skin. The Beautyblender can sheer out areas that do not need a lot of coverage or blend heavier applications. The round end is used for larger areas such as the forehead, cheeks, and jaw, while the pointed end is used for smaller areas like around the eyes and nostrils. Foundation stays for longer and looks smoother when applied using this magic sponge. I used a makeup brush cleaner to cleanse my Beautyblender.

If you use foundation, especially on the entire face, or if your makeup ends up looking cake-y, do try the Beautyblender. (Don’t forget to contour to bring dimension back to the face.) If you use foundation only for small blemishes, then you don’t need it.

Beautyblender Pro: one Pro Beautyblender (black) for C$26.00, two pro Beautyblenders for C$29.00 @


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