Phyto Phytobaume Volume Express Conditioner

Phyto Phytobaume Volume Express ConditionerI opted for a sample of Phyto’s Phytobaume Volume Express Conditioner in hopes that it really does increase volume – a difficult feat with long and thin hair. I read reviews saying that “this stuff really works!” and “you only need a little bit”. I was hesitant, however, because others wrote that this “smelled strong” and “awful”. Being an experimenter, I decided to try it despite the nays.

Surprisingly, I completely disagree with all of the above remarks. I think that the conditioner smells pleasant and not so strong as to note the strength of the smell. Unfortunately, I observed no volume changes. It didn’t kill volume, not did it increase it. It conditioned the hair alright, but not super.

I wouldn’t recommend Phytobaume Volume Conditioner because of all its contradicting reviews. It’s a conditioner that is good, but it doesn’t stand out.

May be available at:
– Sephora
– Shoppers Drug Mart


Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette

Gucci Guilty Eau de ToiletteI was not impressed by Gucci’s Guilty advertisements. They made the fragrance seem like it was catering to adolescent interests. It falls into all the regular olfactory categories ubiquitous today: floral, fruity, sweet… It wouldn’t be worth a mention, but its subtle, yet tenacious and well-developed scent lend it a winning edge.

Guilty starts out as a sweet floral, but loosens its sugariness considerably. The pink pepper top note lends a rosy tone to the composition. Peach gives it a skin-like feel. Lilac lends it a clean, floral, very feminine appeal and a soapy quality. Patchouli in the base notes lends it a slightly sweet, dark egde, but, suffocated by florals, it’s magic is lost. Despite how well blended this fragrance is, the high-pitched florals humming over the lost patchouli conjures grandmotherly associations, but that is only my perception. Overall, Guilty is a smooth perfume that lasts about 5 hours – amazing for such a subtle scent. It radiates within about 15 centimetres.

I applaud the quality of Guilty, but personal tastes crave a more brooding, deeper, or layered scent. If you are looking for a modern fruity floral with a twist, however, do try it.
– 0.25oz (7.4ml) spray for C$31.00
– 1oz (30ml) spray for C$68.00
– 1.6oz (47ml) spray for C$93.00
– 2.5oz (74ml) spray for C$118.00
– 30ml spray for £32.00
– 50ml spray for £42.40
– 75ml spray for £54.40

Peter Thomas Roth 40% Triple Acid Peel

Peter Thomas Roth 40% Triple Acid PeelI am very hesitant of chemical peels because my skin is sensitive. When I ordered a sample of Peter Thomas Roth’s 40% Triple Acid Peel (40-TAP), I was doing it for the sake of science. Letting others know of any dangers or benefits that a product may have is rewarding, as it dispels hesitations of whether to purchase. I will admit that, unlike everything else on this site, I have tested 40-TAP only once. There is, however, enough of a difference in my skin to talk about. I will also make up for it by describing how this product works.

40-TAP works using trichloroacetic acid (TCA), glycolic acid, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and sodium pyroglutamate (PCA). TCA removes dead (and sometimes healthy) cells, while glycolic acid penetrates the skin to improve its appearance, texture, and overall skin condition. Salicylic acid opens clogged pores, neutralizes bacteria, diminishes pore size, and makes room for new cells to grow. Hyaluronic acid promotes cell growth and, along with PCA, hydrates the skin.

40-TAP hardly stung. Having sensitive skin, I was expecting some kind of sensation, whether it be tingling, warming, or stinging. I only felt a little stinging on my forehead, but it went away within the 2 minutes of treatment. After washing off the product, my skin was smoother and softer without redness or irritation. I can imagine the benefit of going through the whole 12 weeks of treatment. The reasons why I will likely not be purchasing this to really test the after-effects is because (1) it is very expensive and (2) it is photosensitizing. The latter is especially important now that spring is finally waking up and it will be difficult to avoid getting exposed.

If you want to improve the skin condition, 40-TAP is very good. Be sure to avoid the sun after use. This product will be especially beneficial for older women and men.
– 12 x 0.14oz (4ml) vials for C$101.00

Phyto Phytheol Intense Anti-Dandruff Treatment Shampoo

Phyto Phytheol Intense Anti-Dandruff Treatment ShampooDandruff can be an unsightly, itchy, and hard-to-get-rid-of problem, caused in most cases by inherent dry skin or over-shampooing. Some shampoos marketed for the removal of dandruff may not actually get rid of it, and sometimes even exacerbate the flaking.

The effects of Phyto’s Phytheol Intense Anti-Dandruff Treatment Shampoo were tested by a head with abundant dandruff. It worked! With each wash, there was ever less. After 8 times use (once every 3 days for a total of 3 weeks), it was all gone! Phytheol Intense worked just like it said it would. However, there is a side effect to using this shampoo – dry hair. Investing in a moisturizing conditioner, especially if treating a scalp with hair that is already dry, will help to maintain healthy hair while undergoing treatment.

If you suffer from dandruff and nothing seems to work, give Phytheol Intense a try. Being dandruff-free is not only healthy, but also boosts confidence!
– 3.3oz (100ml) for C$30.00

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 MascaraIt is very difficult to find a mascara that does everything. If a mascara volumizes and lengthens, it may smudge. If it doesn’t smudge, it may not do much for lash volume. If it volumizes, lengthens, and doesn’t smudge, it may not look natural, or, if it does, it may be too expensive.

Although their skincare is horrible, Tarte’s makeup proves again and again that their cosmetics are quality without being overly expensive. Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara applies without leaving clumps, separates, elongates, and doesn’t smudge throughout the day other than for a few flakes that are easy to clean up. Blinc Mascara Amplified is another mascara that doesn’t smudge and hardly flakes. It uses a tube technology to provide a quick-drying coat, but it doesn’t add any volume. Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes doesn’t provide va-va-voom volume, either, but it does add some while still retaining a natural look. I didn’t have any trouble washing it off with my favourite L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap.

I will definitely be switching from Blinc to Tarte for mascara. It does so much more without any drawbacks. For those looking for super-volume, Lights, Camera, Lashes may not provide. For those seeking a natural, but slightly better look, I highly recommend.
– 0.24oz (7ml) for C$25.00
– 0.16oz (4.7ml) mini for C$12.00