Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Exceptional Complete Care Eye and Lip Cream

Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Exceptional Complete Care Eye and Lip CreamI have great respect for the house of Guerlain. They provide quality products that actually work and are generous with their samples. They are confident in their products and for good reason. I, for one, will be buying full sized products of 95% of the samples that Guerlain provided me.

Their Orchidee Imperiale eye (and lip, but I only used it as eye) cream, did not moisturize my eyes too well (had to follow up with a face cream), but it diminished dark circles noticeably (I’m not the only one who noticed). My dark circles are genetic and started appearing during high school. Nothing I did, except makeup, did anything to make them appear lighter. Orchidee Imperiale did not remove them completely, but they are not as dark, and this is especially noticeable on days like today, when my responsibilities kept me up yesterday beyond my go-to-sleep-now-or-wake-up-a-zombie bedtime. I don’t have wrinkles, but tiny fine lines were removed, too, by the cream.

Despite it doing what a lot of other eye creams claim to do, Orchidee Imperiale noticeably diminishes dark circles after only a couple of days of morning and night application. Unfortunately, it is expensive. Had it moisturized profusely, I would consider buying, but, because I have to moisturize additionally, it is probably not a worthwhile investment.

Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Eye and Lip Cream: 15ml for £95.40 @


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