Guerlain Nahema Parfum

Guerlain Nahema PerfumeThe fragrance market is flooded with Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilettes. Extracts – parfums – are harder to come by in North America. I recently got my hands on a few perfumes from the house of Guerlain. One of these was Nahema.

Nahema is a definitive rose, slightly green and woody, but mainly floral. The perfume concentration is very warm and I did not notice any green nuances. Rose opens with peach, followed by more rose and lilac in the midnotes. Peru balsam in the drydown pushes the composition into a balsamic accord, but, again, the perfume is more floral. The extract, with its quality ingredients, gives a rich and nuanced impression. The classic rose and lilac pairing echos the Victorian era. The scent lasts for about 10 hours staying close to the wearer – dense and decadent.

The first time I tried Nahema perfume, I was pleased by its old-fashioned, maternal motif. I remember applying makeup in front of the mirror while inhaling the scent, and smiling at how sophisticated it made me feel. It also reminded me of my Mother’s lipstick. Despite this association, it felt like my  perfume – suited for me. Nahema is best used as a winter or autumn fragrance because of its density, or at night for its sensuality.

Guerlain Nahema Perfume: 30ml bottle for £161.60 @


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